Empowerment through non-formal education N. 1

Empowerment through non-formal education

The project, funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) – GRUNDTVIG, has the general aim of exploring and exchanging experiences and practice in order to em-power vulnerable individuals (for example, socially excluded people, financially excluded people, poor communi-ties, unemployed people, drug users, etc.) through non-formal education methodologies, in order to:

* strengthen the capacity of organizations to empower vulnerable groups;
* improve the empowerment potential of non-formal education methodologies;
* promote the participation of vulnerable populations in the development of social intervention.

The learners of this partnership will be essentially staff/trainers from the partner organizations and also individuals belonging to the targeted vulnerable populations which will participate in the exchange visits.

The expected output of the project activities will be a set of recommendations and a short video addressing non-formal education and empowerment, from both the points of view of trainers and trainees.




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